RapiLock was born in Taichung, Taiwan starting as a bicycle parts

manufacturing factory with 25 years of experience in quick releases.

In 2019, RapiLock Axle was introduced for Roaddisc, Gravel Bikes,

and MTB uses; and RapiLock 360 quick release for action cameras.


GoPro Family Mike Li

"It is okay if you don't have two or more GoPros like me 😆😆

With RapiLock, one GoPro could be used as two.

Having enough trouble getting in and out the screws or buckles?

RapiLock provides the most quickly and stable way I've ever seen before.

It's pretty simple to switch from 2 to 3 different accessories in second by using just one hand.

I am already in action with RapiLock while some are still trying to release the screws!"

Azmer Channel - Share and Spread the Happiness

"Being a major user of GoPro, it is difficult when it comes to accessories

switching and stabilizing... GoPro buckle is easy, but it's unable to be

done most of time when you have only one hand open... 

GoPro could fail or the plastic parts could be broken...

One package has arrived to Az and bombed my thoughts of

how quick release can be so convenient!

RapiLock is an expert in bicycle quick release producing factory in Taichung.

No wonder why the products has met quick, light, and good quality!"

GoPro Family Eade Chen

"It's amazing of the entire design and quality of the products.

It's also very simple to intall them on my accessories and camera.

RapiLock quick release and buckle are both brilliant ways of switching in between accessories

espcially when it is designed with magnetized system."

BiG Daily - BertxGloria

"Carrying a GoPro around to record all kinds of different video in my life,

Gloria is my best partner and the perfect assistant to me, however........

The only thing that break us down is when we need to switch our accessories,

especially under the burning sun.

It's not professional to hold your girlfriend waiting under the sun.

With RapiLock, just a snap click, you've settle down your camera and girlfriend."

Anthony the Artist

"Simple and handful, easy to merge to live.

Using the idea of repulsive by magnet,

to ensure the camera will not fail.

In my video to show you how easy to swtich in between accessories,

wihin a second, the camera is moved from my nexk to selfie or mouth bite."


"Innovation is to fulfill the need,

and to catch the best moment

after every time of evolution."


"I am already used to the screws to fix my GoPro.

I've never noticed how much time I've wasted on the moments

until RapiLock has arrived and been tested over one month.

Within this month of time, I've learned how fast to move the camera

from one to another. Let me show you how good it is in the video."

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